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All-Round Training

Combining classroom training with hands-on experience, Zen Cyber’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness course will maximize your investment to protect your business.

  • 21 Hours of Training
  • A Mix of Classroom Training and Hands-On Experience
  • Certificate of Completion Upon Completion

Business User Cybersecurity Awareness

With our Business User Cybersecurity Awareness class, your team will learn the different ways cybercriminals attack businesses, how the attacks work, and the simple steps they can do to prevent them. At the end of the course, employees will know how to protect themselves at home and at work.

One-to-One Safeguard Check

Next, your team will get help implementing what they learned. Our technicians will sit down with them individually and guide them through the process of securing their work and home devices. Your team will get first-hand experience learning what to look for and what to do.

Online Profile Safeguard Service

Finally, your employees need to know what information is publicly available about them, which a social engineer might use to impersonate them. Our technicians will comb the internet and see what information they or their friends have posted so that your team can protect themselves before criminals target them.

Eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Get 2/3rds of the training reimbursed through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG). Zen Cyber can help you with the grant application.

For more information about the grant, visit the Government of Alberta website here.


$ 1,050.00

Happy online graduates

Cost with CAJG

$ 350.00
per student. min. 10 students
Canada Alberta Job Grant is subject to conditions as required by the grant. Zen Cyber makes no guarantee of approval of grant or reimbursement of funds.